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Google + Games Vs. Facebook Games

Facebook, the wildly popular, multi-billion dollar social networking site, has had a monopoly on the Internet gaming world for the past several years. From August 2009 to December 2010, Farmville was easily the number one played game on the Internet. Its addicted and avid users planted crops, traded livestock, plowed, harvested, and attempted to successfully manage a virtual farm. Today, the top spot in the gaming world belongs to Cityville. Both of these games were created by Zynga, the industry leader in game development. Zynga is also the artistic mastermind behind Mafia Wars, another game with a large fan base that is available on Facebook, in which the players strive to build a criminal empire.

However, gaming competition is about to heat up, as the world of online gaming platforms are about to expand. In order to compete with Facebook, it is said that Google is close to launching its own online gaming network, Google +Games. One of the major differences between Google + Games and Facebook will be the cost of the games; it is believed that Google will take less than 30% of the game revenues. It is also said that Google will host the games on their own server, instead of on the sever of the game developer, therefore creating shorter loading times, fewer glitches and bugs, and an overall faster playing game. Due to the creation of Google +Games, Zynga will have another outlet for its successful and popular games. The world of online gaming is opening up. Those companies that develop games and the gamers who play them will now be afforded more options. The exact launch date for Google + Games is still unknown. However, already 10 million users have singed up for Google + Games via invitation. In other words, it is Competitionville.